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We have named an era after PartyPoker called the Party Poker Era which was the World's Largest Poker Room until the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed into law as part of the SAFE Port Act of 2006.

For more detailed information about the Party Poker Network go to the Party Poker review.

Party Poker has naturally not been able to compete with PokerStars in all the years where PokerStars still accepted US players.

However since Black Friday occurred we have not seen any trends that suggest that Party Poker is taking on PokerStars.

The only foreseeable event that could put a stop to PokerStars is DOJ's case against PokerStars which can turn out extremely costly and harm PokerStars' reputation.

We expect to see a boost in the 'Player Peak' numbers when Bwin joins the Party Poker Network. We are not sure when this will happen but it is expected to happen in Q1 of 2012.

Chart 1


We thank PokerScout for providing the statistics from 2006 onwards.


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