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You might wonder why it is important to mention poker forums such as TwoPlusTwo.com as early as 2000 and you may wonder what significants poker forums have had on the history of online poker? The truth is nobody had clue in the year 2000 when TwoPlusTwo was launched how important this poker community would become.

Poker players being able to discuss hands and strategies seemed like a natural development of the internet. Before online poker a lot of people were already members of other forums and discussions boards around the world. Signing up for a poker forum became a necessity for poker enthusiasts to keep an eye on new poker rooms, poker bonuses, trends, warnings, poker freerolls, gossip and discussing general poker strategy with fellow poker players.

FlopTurnRiver.com was the very first online poker forum to develop a hand converter. It wasn't spectacular to begin with but over the years it was improved a lot and been used over 1.6 million times, which is more than 600 times a day.1 Hand converters made it easier for people to discuss hands on forums which helped educating poker players at a faster pace than ever before.

There are many great poker forums and communities in the world and we can't mention them all. We have in several cases been using old forums posts as references on PokerHistory.eu as you will find out if you browse around on the site.

It is not only the big poker companies that write history. Ordinary poker players can get their voice heard on forums and their discoveries will be taken serious if they get support from other poker players and poker portals. These poker communities have changed the history of online poker on a small and large scale.


If you have to name one poker community which have changed online poker history it is 2+2. The community is massive and frequently used by many very serious and enthusiastic poker players who due to their savvy poker skills have revealed several big scandals over the years.

  • The player nickname 'V0id' was reporting for cheating and it turned out he had used multi-accounts to win $1,378,00 in the main event of PokerStars' WCCOP in 2007.
  • In 2010 it was 2+2 members who reported suspicious activities in the Double Or Nothing Sit & Goes which later revealed a Chinese collusion fraud ring. A scandal that forced PokerStars to pay back $2,100,000 to poker players who had been playing in these DoN Sng's. More than $500,000 was confiscated from the colluders. 

If you have any other things to add to the list contact us

1 We know this from our source who is a managing partner in the company which owns FlopTurnRiver.com