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The online poker eras has not been defined by any other source before we did it here on PokerHistory.eu in early 2011. We are happy to introduce them below.

Over time we have seen different networks and poker rooms dominate the poker market. Common for all the poker rooms we have named in the list below are that they have had a major impact on the online poker industry and changed online poker history.

At present (July 2012) it is hard to imagine PokerStars not being the biggest since it has more than 50% of the worlds poker traffic government networks excluded. The only poker room we believe could change this would be a poker room licensed and regulated in the United States.

Normally our history books time periods are divided into eras like “Stone Age”, “Middle Age” etc. We have decided to divide the history of online poker into eras named after the industry leader at the given time. The eras are therefore:

Pre 1998 IRC Poker Era
1998 - 1999 Planet Poker Era
1999 - 2003 Paradise Poker Era
2003 - 2006 Party Poker Era
2006 - Present Poker Stars Era