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Date March 2009
Price €125,000,000
Asset Expekt
Status Business as usual
Software No

Expekt was sold to Mangas Gaming better known as Betclick. The sale did not affect the poker community nor was it revolutionary but Expekt had an interesting past.

Expekt.com was primarily a Swedish bookmaker founded in 1999 by two Swedish entrepreneurs.

Expekt Poker was in 2005 one of the biggest poker rooms in Scandinavia. It represented close to 40% of the player liquidity on the the Prima Poker network now known as Microgaming. This was impressive because Microgaming in April 2005, was the 3rd biggest poker network in the world.

In March 2009 when Expekt.com was sold it was not because of its poker room that it was valued at €125 million.

Expekt was a big sports book but the poker room had killed itself repeatedly by jumping network twice in 16 months.

Expekt Poker moved from Microgaming, where it was very successful, to a small Swedish software provider called Tain. The network went live right about the time when Expekt joined in October 2005. The Tain network however never fully functioned while Expekt was on the network.

The software was crashing constantly for many months and because of this it could not get the liquidity needed to run a succesful poker network. Expekt decided to leave.

Expekt joined iPoker in February 2006 but went up against many established poker rooms on iPoker meanwhile most affiliates was no longer interested in working with Expekt due to all the problems in the past.

Since these events we have not heard much from Expekt. In a final attempt Scotty Nguyen was hired to promote Expekt but why an old legendary American poker player was chosen to promote a Scandinavian poker room remains a mystery.