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Brian Tolstrup
IT Project Manager
Poker Player

Algarve Portugal, May 2009

I became friends with Brian Tolstrup back in the Casino.dk days. Brian Tolstrup aka DanishWiking was a loyal member of the forum on Casino.dk. Brian became a part of the VIP Team and joined our trip to Unibet Open in Alagarve, Portugal sponsored by Unibet. We had a great time and everyone became friends.

Brian and I still meet up in Copenhagen for an occasianal home game at my place where the chips are flying and the atmosphere is friendly.

Brian Tolstrup currently resides in Kokkedal, north of Copenhagen, with his family.

What has been the biggest change in online poker?
If you look at the game itself I think it is the rapid improvement of the quality of the poker players. Even down to NL10 people are now thinking in terms of hand ranges. That was unknown to most NL100 players just 3 years ago.

If we take it as an industry I would say Black Friday and the closing of Full Tilt Poker, which has left PokerStars with too much influence in the industry from a player perspective.
Anything you miss from the past?
Currently I miss the US players  :)
I also miss the various networks to play on. In the past the games were distributed more equally between several site's which gave a better player support & more favorable conditions for me as a player.
Has something changed for the better?
The poker rooms are better to stop collusion [We have seen several fraud rings being caught over the years]. The poker rooms are also better to stop bots from playing I hope.
Mr. Brian Tolstrup
Brian is a friendly and calm guy. We had a fun trip to Algarve where 4 out 7 from the team cashed in the €1500 Unibet Open.
Algarve Portugal, May 2009
What do you expect will happen in online poker the coming years?
If the US and Asian players do not start joining the tables soon I see very little future for online poker. The games are different compared to the past and very difficult to beat. Bad players don't tend to reload anymore either.

Unless online poker re-invent itself I think it will be downhill from here on. It might take 5-10 years but by then online poker will be almost non-existing.
Any final statement you wish to add?
Keep playing as long as it is fun. Once you lose the fun in poker stop playing. Life is better without things you do not enjoy  :)