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Since online poker was born many features has been added which we now take for granted and do not even think about when we play. The poker features today is to vast to describe in completion but we have selected a few poker game features that we think are worth mentioning.

Auto Top Up

This makes it possible to always sit the maximum amount of money at a cash game table without having to click 're-load' to get more funds. It is highly used by regulars and pros who plays many tables at once and who knows that the maximum value is achieved by having the maximum amount of chips.

Run it Twice

If you have seen High Stakes Poker on TV you are familiar with 'Run it Twice'. It is basically a feature that allows player to run the remaining of the board two times instead of the usual one. This feature is only seen at high stakes tables. The purpose is to decrease the variance because of the large amount of money involved. If you are flipping for $200,000 AK vs QQ you might as well run it twice and thereby more likely split the pot and reduce the swings.

Rabbit Hunt

Merge Gaming (at the time called Poker.com) was the first software company to introduce Rabbit Hunt. The feature has no impact on the game or variance. It is solely a fun feature for players to see the cards that would have appeared on the board. The downside of using Rabbit Hunt is that you show your cards so good players don't tend to use this feature. The upside of using it is that you might be able to get players to tilt. Show a bluff and also let the opponent see that they would have hit their magic hand and won a big pot can get a lot of people to tilt.

Final Table Deal

The Final Table Deal feature only affects those players who reach a final table in a multi table tournament. It is like 'Run it Twice' created to decrease variance. If you are three players left in a tournament with equal stacks you might agree to split the prize money three ways instead of gambling for the first prize which normally is much bigger than the other prizes.

It is so rare you reach a final table at a larger tournament so poker rooms allows players to discuss how to divide the money or have the software calculate a fair way to divide the prizes among the remaining players based on their current stack sizes. The chipleader's chips are given a slightly higher nominal value and its common that you leave some of the money on the table so you still have something to play for after the deal is made.

Fx. Three players with 200,000 chips each and $100,000 in prizes get $30,000 each and the remaining $10,000 will be awarded to the winner. In reality you remove $90,000 from the prize pool and carry on with following prize structure 3rd place: $0 (+ $30,000). 2nd place $0: (+$30,000). 1st place: $10,000 (+ $30,000)