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Owned by Cipaco N.V
Software Cake Gaming
Structure Private Company
License Curacao & Malta
Skins 64
Live Tours N/A
US Accepted Yes
Former Names Cake Network


Cake Network went live same year as UIGEA which turned out to be a blessing in the sky. The software was not impressive from a player perspective but since Cake Gaming N.V. was a private company it continued to accept US players. They didn't really have a choice as Cake Network was mainly known in the US and losing the American players would be huge loss.

Cake network started off by signing numerous skins after UIGEA. Most significantly Cake signed Sportsbook.com which secured a vast player base the next 4 years. In April 2010 Sportsbook.com with PlayersOnly decided to move to Merge Gaming Network. Sportsbook.com has not in public revealed why they switched network. We know Sportsbook.com had a very lucrative network deal with Cake Network so that was not the reason.

Cake officials believe that Sportsbook.com bought Merge Gaming or got an equity share in the company when they joined. This has been denied by Merge Gaming who claims this is not the case.

Rumors got out in 2010 that Cake Network had cash flow problems. Players were not getting paid on time and months went by where players were complaining on 2+2 and other forums that they could not get their money. As the suspicion grew among players gaming executives knew about the cash flow issue since the CEO of Cake Network was desperately looking for investors.

The problem originated when Doyles Room joined Cake Network. Doyles Room allegedly owed Microgaming $15 million which Cake helped sorting out to ensure they could sign Doyles Room. Of that original loan of $15 million from Cake Poker to DoylesRoom, $2.5 million had been kept on deposit by Cake. Meanwhile, DoylesRoom had paid back approximately $9 million, with about $6.8 million still being owed. Minus the amount kept on deposit, DoylesRoom still owed Cake Poker about $4.3 million at the time of the move to Yatahay. Of that amount, DoylesRoom paid back 10 cents on the dollar to Cake, or about $430,000.1

Revolution Gaming Statistics

PokerListings.com came to the rescue in a deal the two companies referred to as a 'strategic partnership'. We naturally believe that the PokerLisitings got an equity stake in the Cake Network however this was not made official. Due to the fact that PokerListings is an independent poker affiliate and that Cake Network accepts US players it is reasonable to believe that the details of this deal was not made public.

The core of the story was that after PokerListings became a 'strategic partner' so all players got paid and PokerListings guaranteed to send 2000 new depositing players every month to stabilize the player liquidity on the network.2

Cake Network changed its name to Revolution Gaming in 2012 when Lock Poker re-joined the network and together they formed the new network name with Lock Poker & the Cake Network.



Cake Network has the recent years been taking the rake back issue very serious. Cake Network has successfully managed to enforce the network policy and even banned poker rooms violating the rules.


Cake Network offer 33% rake back paid once a week. The rake is calculated as 'dealt rake' meaning every hand dealt where there is rake generated you earn rakeback.




Cake Poker is owned by Cake Gaming 
Unoffically an entity of Cake operated and managed by Cake
Unofficially an entity of Cake promoted by Phil Laak aka 'Unabomber'
  Power Poker was aquired by Cake Gaming


Sportsbook.com & PlayersOnly joined Merge Gaming Network in April 2009
DoylesRoom joined Yatahay in January 2011
Lock Poker left to Merge Gaming in March 2010. Lock Poker later reunited with Cake / Revolution Gaming in 2012.


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