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This page contains a complete list of the poker rooms and poker networks that have been sold, taken over or otherwise acquired in the history of online poker. By browsing through these pages, you can find out the years the poker rooms were sold, the prices they were sold for, and who the buyers were.

The Success Rate indicates our own assessment of how successful a purchase has been. How well did the poker room in question perform after the acquisition? How much brand value did the buyer gain from the acquisition? Did the buyer gain new important market shares? How well did the buyer manage to improve their position in the market? Did the buyer take over or outmaneuver a big competitor from the poker scene? And if so, how big of competitor? 
Please note that the Success Rate does not reflect the previous owner's level of success or our opinion of the exact price. It is thought to be a general assessment, based on the knowledge available to us through analyzing the events since the purchase took place, and all available information coming from the media and our own insider sources.
  2004 Paradise Poker $297,000,000        
  2005 Noble Poker $40,000,000        
  2005 Poker Champs $15,000,000        
  2005 Multi Poker $14,500,000        
  2005 PokerRoom & Ongame $570,000,000        
  2006 Empire Poker $250,000,000        
  2006 Tribeca Tables $75,000,000        
  2007 Noble Poker $30,000,000        
  2007 Poker.com Network n/a        
  2007 Parbet €9,000,000        
  2007 Full Contact Poker n/a        
  2007 CarlosPoker $109,570,000        
  2008 CDPoker £144,000,000        
  2009 EverestPoker $100,000,000        
  2009 Expekt €125,000,000        
  2009 24hPoker €4,500,000        
  2009 World Poker Tour $12,300,000        
  2010 Merge Gaming n/a        
  2011 Cake Poker $5,000,000*        
  2011 Centrebet $183,000,000        
  2011 Betsafe €60,000,000        
  2011 Entraction $115,000,000        
  2011 DoylesRoom n/a        
  2011 Club4Aces n/a        
  2012 NordicBet €85,000,000        
  2012 Bet24 €13,500,000        
  2012 Full Tilt Poker $225,000,000