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Bodog is one of the largest online US sports books. Bodog is in fact the only sports book in the world who have managed to successfully maintain its own poker network. SportingBet & Betfair have tried but failed. What makes Bodog different from the other giants?

  • Firstly: Bodog have from the beginning had its own software and not taken over an existing poker network. We believe that this had led to a much greater understanding and interest in running a poker network which is an extremely difficult task. 
  • Secondly: A very important factor is that Bodog is still accepting US players. Without accepting US players the network would be as good as gone. 

You are able to find a more detailed review about this network by reading our Bodog Network review.

Black Friday proved very positive for Bodog. Most of the US players flocked to Bodog, Merge Gaming & Revolution Gaming which grew rapidly in size over night. Bodog is still growing unlike its closest competitor Cake Network.

Bodog has a healthy business and nothing indicates that it will have any problems maintaining its network size as long as Bodog stays clear of the FBI & DOJ.

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We thank PokerScout for providing the statistics from 2006 onwards.


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