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PartyPoker is one of the many major online poker networks, who have chosen to change its method of rake calculations from the "dealt method" to the "weighted contribution method."

Under the old "dealt method", a player would be credited for having played a raked hand as long as they were dealt cards and regardless of how this hand was played. Under this model, the rake calculation method would be "democratic" in the sense that no differences would be made between loose or tight players, who would normally play the same hand differently.

Under the new "weighted contribution" method however, the table has turned in favor of the loose, and perhaps less experienced, players. This is because the weighted contribution model credits players with a proportion of rake paid in relation to how much they personally contribute to a given pot.

Under this scenario, loose players who tend to play more hands, see more streets and play for stacks more often will be credited with generating more rake than tighter players.

The method of calculating rake individually through each player's contribution has its obvious consequences in terms of rakeback and generating PartyPoints. A loose player will as such have an easier time generating the needed points to clear for instance a bonus than a tight player.

The change will therefore benefit loose players on PartyPoker, while tight players will have to work harder to generate rakeback - even though they play the same games.

The measure is as such also in line with other attempts to loosen up the games and cater to the fish seen over the past few years from most of the world's largest online poker network.

We have discussed some of the other initiatives from other networks in a couple of articles about Network Policy Changes.