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Founded 2000. Real cash games since 2002.
Owned by Entraction Holding AB. Majority shareholder: International Game Technology1
Software IGT
Structure Public Company. New York Stock Exchange. Code: IGT2
License Malta
Skins 57 IGT Poker Skins
Live Tours European Masters of Poker
US Accepted Not since UIGEA
Former Names Entraction, 24hPoker Network & B2B Network


Entraction was originally called 24hPoker and launched as a stand alone poker room. 24hPoker later offered white-label solutions which made the amount of skins grow rapidly. The white-label setup enabled small companies & affiliates to run a poker room with 24hPoker taking care of payments, support, promotions and license. The white-label operators only had to bring players and take care of marketing.

The network has in the past been known for having the largest amount of small unknown skins. We assume the fact that Entraction had so many small skins who were satisfied with a small profit margin because they offered 'under the table' deals kept major blue chip partners away from the network.

There were poker rooms established on the network owned by poker players with the sole purpose to receive the maximum possible rake back. This was a smart move by the players because it only required paying a setup fee.



24h Poker aka B2B Poker changed name to Entraction in December 2007.3 It was around that time when Entraction started to clean out a bit of the old skins and forming a serious network and getting a more firm grip on the small rakeback skins by enforcing a strict network policy.

IGT Statistics

24hPoker, Martins Poker & Staff Poker, former property of Casagaming Ltd, was sold to iGame Limited in April 2009.4 Till this point the network owned a majority share of Casagaming Ltd hence operating as a network as well as a poker room. The valuation of the assets were €4,500,000 of which Entraction's share was €2,565,000.

The sale made iGame Ltd, which operated the Finnish poker room PokeriHuone, the biggest operator on the network. iGame Ltd also bought Club4Aces.com and merged that into 24hPoker together with Martins Poker and Staff Poker which no longer exist. 

The Nevada slot machine software giant IGT bought the majority of Entraction in June 2011 for $115 million. This led to Entraction closing down for following countries in September 2011: Canada, Israel, Russia, Norway & Turkey.4a In July 2012 another four countries were banned: Spain, Australia, Cyprus & Belgium.

In November 2011 iGame Limited merged with NoiQ Poker which made iGame Ltd the biggest operator on Entraction without comparison.5

In February 2012 the network changed name from Entraction to IGT Poker Network.

IGT Poker Network closed December 2012. Most poker rooms joined Microgaming and Ongame instead.




It has traditionally been easy to get a 'under the table' deal on Entraction. Today it is harder but its still possible. After Unibet left the network in 2006 the games got tough because Unibet's steady flow of fish vanished and the rake back deals increased.

Currently the 'under the table' deals do not seem to have any notable impact on the network.

Since the summer of 2011 Entraction have been on a war path to get rid of illegal deals and enforce the network rules to a tee.


Entraction allows 30% flat rake back or up to 45% if you chose their VIP Loyalty Program.




Joined Ongame in February 2006
Joined Microgaming in September 2006



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