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The only poker room still not offering casino games is PokerStars. Why don't they? Well, it depends on who you are asking.

The Poker Player

 A poker player believing in the fact that poker is a game of skill could argue that it is because such a company is true to poker and to its players. The company does not want to lead players into temptation for the sake of making a fast buck.

The Lawyer

A lawyer might argue that it is because poker is legal in almost all states in the U.S. opposed to casino games & slot machines which are only permitted in certain Indian territories, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. By not offering casino style games you avoid potential legal issues.

Note! In 2012 it was ruled by a federal judge that poker is a skill game. Read more about Judge Jack Weinstein's court ruling.

The Poker Manager

A poker manager might argue that in becoming the world's biggest poker room / poker network it is not beneficial if 20% of all deposits instead of going into growing the network liquidity are lost on casino games. It is not easy to describe the entire circle briefly but it can be said that having casino games will result in fewer players at the poker tables which means less action and eventually a drop in network liquidity.

In the short term having casino games unquestionably benefits the operators’ bottom line. However the long term damage can be hard to restore. If a network is considered dead in the eyes of the poker world it is very hard to make a comeback. Players and licensees (poker skins) will leave fastly if they fear that a network is unstable.