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Founded 20091
Owned by Proworld Ltd2
Software IG Soft
Structure Private Company
License Curacao
Skins 59
Live Tours N/A
US Accepted No
Former Names N/A


Enet Poker is not similar to any other network in the sense its mainly focusing on Italian players however operating without an Italian license from AAMS. The network started off several years ago by enabling players to deposit via agents in Italy. A transfer took place in a bar a sports club or somewhere else.

Cash games were illegal in Italy until July 2011. Due to this fact it created a demand for a network operating outside the Italian jurisdiction and with no regards for the laws of Italy. This might sound shady but some people would argue its not much different than the poker rooms enabling US players to keep playing after the UIGEA was passed.

Enet Poker Statistics

In the recent years players have been able to deposit with credit cards, Skrill (Moneybookers) and other regular online deposit methods making the network accessible for almost all players across Europe. Scandinavians are not welcome.

The games have historically been extremely loose but playing there also posed a risk since the only way to cash-out was to get your money from your agent in Italy.

The Enet Poker Network is moving towards becoming a more traditional network and now accepting white-labels targeting Dutch players among many others nationalities which in the past would have been unheard of.




Rake back is not officially allowed on Enet however its fair to say its possible to get if you find the right skin, affiliate or agent.


Rake back is strictly banned. To our knowledge the network does not fine poker rooms violating the rules but repeated offences could lead to being expelled.

Enet Poker Network does however fine poker skins with more winning than losing players unless a sufficient amount of rake has been generated the given month.


BETUNIQ is a subsidiary of Enet



1 We believe Enet Poker was existing before 2009. It was known as a "pirate network" in the past with no software license, no real cashier or any safety for the players.

2 It is hard to find who actually owns Enet Poker. The owners are supposedly from Romania & Italy. The company which owns the domain is registered in Panama and called Proworld Ltd.