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One of the greatest perks in my job is that the entire world is my office. I get to travel whenever I want. I went to Australia about a month ago and certainly this has been the best time of my short poker career so far. Just look at the view from my office...

For two weeks my days have started with breakfast and a dip in the pool before my morning poker sessions. After the sessions I have been going to the beach for a swim with Chris followed by lunch at Moffat Beach. No Wonder Chris is running his Binary Options site out of this office. It cannot get much better than that!


We are 9 hours ahead of CET so my morning sessions have naturally ended around midday since the games die out at that time. I have spent the days studying poker coaching videos on my ipad and reading in my poker bible (Jared Tendler’s book). 

When I have not been working I have been relaxing by the pool and watching rugby with Chris on TV. After dinner and occasionally evening sessions I have mainly been chillin with movies and TV shows on my laptop.

I have been watching “An Idiot Abroad” season 1 & 2 here with Karl Pilkington produced by Ricky Gervais & Steven Merchant for Sky1. The show is hilarious and I am afraid to admit I agree on some of Karl’s rather strange views on the world.

The life I lead hardly seem like work since it is my passion. The downswings hurts but I am working hard on my mental game. If you haven’t read my bog “Being a Professional Poker Player” you should do so. It is worth it if you want to understand the hard part about this lifestyle.


Why Australia?

Because I can! I don’t just do what I can. I do what I want. It comes with the territory ladies and gentlemen. It is that simple and I know you hate me for writing this hehe. "Ta' en kiks" as we say in Denmark.

I have been enjoying my time here tremendously and I am grateful for the opportunity Chris & his family have given me. Being away from home has given me a lot of time to think about what I want in life. As a wise man named Ron said: "I try to grasp what I want to stop doing, what I want to keep doing and what I want to start doing". 

HDG rates Australia 9/10. The only obstacle in Australia is the fact that the Aussie dollar is very expensive compared to 7 years ago when i was here last time. The prizes are now up to 50% higher compared to Denmark. However with the money I have saved on hotel bills I am not complaining at all. It has been worth every penny!


Kangaroos Rocks!

I have kept in touch with my best mates via heytell on the iphone so they know this already but to all of you out there who has been wondering... YES I have pat a kangaroo! Yes I have pat a koala. Yes I have seen a crocodile show in Steve Irwin’s Zoo. Yes I have seen several Tasmanian devils and most important YES I have enjoyed it a lot here!

I have 10 days left of which I am spending the coming 2 nights in a hotel with outdoor pool and the remaining week I will be chillin with an old buddy from the poker heyday. I met him first time in Miami, Florida. The one and only basketball champ Mr Liam Nicholson. I obviously owe him big time as well for letting me crash the last week at his crib now that Chris is returning to Malta tomorrow. I will post a blog when I return to Denmark with images from my entire trip.

Lastly a special thanks to Chris and his parents Joan & Ron who let me stay in Casa Del Morto in Brisbane as well as in Moffat Beach.

G’day Mates!