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What would Lance Armstrong do?

April was a very tough month for me poker wise. No matter what I did I kept losing and the losing streak lasted 22 days. I was down almost $7000 at some stage which is 35 buyins meanwhile my Expected Value (EV) graph mathematically showed a tiny profit. I asked myself: “What would Lance do?” The answer is: “He would keep fighting the variance and climb the mountains regardless of the conditions!”



Educating myself

March has been a very interesting month for me. Not only did I spend the majority of my time in Australia it was also the month where I made the biggest progress in my mental game. In this blog I will sum up my progress as a No Limit Hold’em poker pro till date and show you how I try and educate myself.


All I Do is Win

About a 1,5 years ago I was hanging out at the W hotel in Hollywood with Keith Gipson, Lacey Jones, Dan Fleyshman & Victoria Moore to name a few. We were all going to the ‘Kandyland’ party at the Playboy Mansion. We were discussing online poker at the hotel while the girls were getting dressed or undressed I am tempted to say...