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I have set ten goals to achieve this year. This is an exercise I began last year on my holiday to Odessa, Ukraine. I was reading Brian Tracy’s book “Goals” and got inspired to systematically achieve my ‘near future’ goals in life. When I started practicing this routine and during the following six month a lot of changes happened in my life. I have transformed from being a passionate poker pro & entrepreneur to a dedicated entrepreneur & copywriter.

In my last blog “Motivation Video: Fighting Cancer for 8 Years” I mentioned that I had ten goals for the coming 12 months. The drill is you write down 10 things you want to achieve within the next 12 months (in no specific order). You continue this process on a daily basis till you find yourself writing the same 10 goals every single day. It is ok that some change over time. You can still work on the list and make your dreams a reality.

The next step is to do at least one thing daily that will help you to achieve one of your goals. If you continue this process you will statistically reach eight out of your ten goals. Keep in mind that all goals have to be possible. Writing down making one million dollars and get elected as president of United States if you are currently an unemployed bus driver in Sweden won’t work! Writing down goals that are almost impossible will demotivate you.

My 10 Goals for 2013

  1. Earn a 15.000 kr. salary post tax in Denmark ($2600) from my own businesses.
  2. <3
  3. Bad foot cured
  4. Migraine under control
  5. Lionive Ltd profitable
  6. FBO generating 30 new signups per month
  7. Look good in my ‘2013 slim shirt’
  8. Bike 60 km weekly + do daily workout routines
  9. Generate money from Pokerhistory.eu
  10. Get 150 daily unique visitors on FBO

I have actually already archived two of the things that were on my list so I added two new ones. I will give a brief explanation of my list of goals below.

#1 When I moved to Denmark I had no clue what it would cost to live here. I wrote down all my fixed expenses (rent, food, insurance, gifts, internet, phone etc) for six months and it amounted to $2100 monthly. I think this is a humble goal given that I used to make 3 times this amount post tax in Malta.

#2 No explanation needed. In my time as a poker pro Friday and Saturday was dedicated to poker. Now I am able to prioritize my time differently on weekends.

#3 I was told by a doctor in summer 2011 that I had heel spurs and was to rest six months for it to go away. I was forced to stop exercising and gained a lot of weight. This had a negative impact on me so last year I started swimming and bought a gym-bike. Now I have been seeing chiropractor, stretch three times a day among other things. I had the ‘disease’ since August 2010 but I am finally seeing improvements.

#4 I have been battling migraines heavily especially since I started studying at Copenhagen Business School last year since all we did was looking at bright power point shows all day. Currently I avoid food and ingredients that can increase the risk of migraine attacks. I also keep a migraine-diary.

#5 I wrote a business plan and together with my partner Chris Morton we managed to raise €61.250 from investors. The business www.lionive.com will launch this spring.

#6 I am partner in www.fairbinaryoptions.com (FBO) and I hope we will get 30 new depositing customers per month by the end of this year. It will be a growth of 1000%.

#7 I bought a Burberry shirt in San Francisco in 2010. I want this to fit me well. Bye bye beer belly!

#8 Inspired by my sister I decided that I have to bike 20 km three times a week and every morning do 60 push ups of three different sorts.

#9 I have never earned $1 on this website. I think it’s time to do so.

#10 I want to increase our daily unique visits by 500% on FBO.

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Erik Smith