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I have been going back and forth the past two months about what to do in my career. I finally decided to follow my dreams literally speaking. There is a saying “As long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance”.

As a poker player it is essential you play when the games are good. Picking the right days, hours is part of table selecting and surviving in a tough market. I would be arrogant or ignorant not to appreciate this. For me this has meant that most of 2012 my Friday and Saturday evenings have been work nights. I am not afraid to admit that I am not winning enough to have what you call weekends or hardly any days off.

Eminem named a song “When the music stops”. Yesterday I woke up 8 am from a dream that I instantly wrote down while dissecting it. In my dream I was told “When the music stops you have to pull yourself up”. I was standing on a beach but moments later, when the music stopped, I was hanging in my arms from a balcony. Two of my close friends Lau & Andreas from my high school were on the balcony with an unknown girl.

At first they wanted to help me but Lau said “let’s see how strong he is”. I had to do it on my own. I yelled if they could at least grab my foot in case I would fall. It was a matter of life a death and not just a game. Just as Andreas was about to grab my foot I managed to pull myself up into safety. I looked down and I recall saying “If I knew we were this high up I would have panicked”. It was at least five floors above ground.

This was yet another time my subconscious communicated with me in my sleep. The dream made me very happy since I instantly knew what it meant to me.  I have previously written a blog “My dissection of a dream” in case you are interested in reading more of similar experiences I have had.

Lau is an entrepreneur yet to prove himself. He is opening a café in Copenhagen with me as one the lenders. I strongly believe he will succeed. Andreas is already a self made millionaire (in DKK) from online gambling affiliate marketing. No doubt there was a reason it was those two guys on the balcony. I will get back to mysterious girl who didn’t have any significant role in the dream but when dissecting it she does.

When I resigned from my position in Malta it was not to pursue a dream of becoming a professional poker player. Playing poker was an opportunity of chance that presented itself.

My reasons for leaving Malta were clear to me at the time. I wanted to reside in an environment where the chances of finding the right girl and eventually have kids was greater. This was my personal reason for leaving. Professionally it was a good time for me to pursue my dream of starting my own company and become a major shareholder in a company with a big say in things.

This summer while being in Odessa I got into binary options trading. I was approach by a friend and immediately rolled with it. I was very happy since I at the time was seeing a girl and finally had found a project that could make my dreams come through. Within a day or two I had developed a concept, made a basic business plan and drafted a design of the website. I partnered with two of my good friends who are successful businessmen.

Recently I have been talking to several friends about the tough choice I have been facing.  My decision is now clear to me accelerated by my subconscious presented in the shape of an actual dream.

It made me realize that if I want to be up there with other entrepreneurs I have to do it the hard way. I needed to come to this realization on my own. I will be under pressure trying to archive my goals. My poker winnings from this year alone will allow me not to have any income this winter before I have to go into my savings. The girl on the balcony was a blur in my dream but I believe by going down this path I will have time to get out of the house more frequently and turn down far less invitations from my friends.

I think it is a decision that increases my chances of reaching my goals at a faster pace and preserve the nickname Antonio Esfandiari gave me “HDG” Happy Danish Guy. That is all I want to be!

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