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Four days ago I woke up from a funny dream. I dream a lot in my sleep and remember them when I wake up. I often try to analyse my own dreams before I get out of bed.  It sounds strange however I want to share this with you guys since it is related to my latest blog. My follow up “I got skills – part II” will be coming soon.


A friend of mine David Barnwell who currently lives in Malta but is half British & half Danish announced that he was going to play poker for a living. 

A girl I was with in the dream said to me with a smile on her face and I quote "Playing poker isn't a real job". I replied "Anything that forces you to live in London IS a real job..."

I woke up split seconds after that last sentence. I presume since I subconsciously wanted to understand the dream. The dream took place in an airport. The symbol for that is quite obvious.

Regarding him, poker, the girl & London I have reached following conclusion after thinking about the dream for ca. 3 minutes in my bed. After that I wrote all this down. The girl is a friend of mine but we have never had an intimate relationship or anything like that. We are just friends.


My friend in the dream is naturally a symbol of me. David is a smart and friendly guy. He recently struggled a bit with poker since it can be very hard on your emotions since the swings are nasty. Will I overcome the struggle I am facing all by myself? This Monday I joined an office with 7 pro players here in CPH to get serious about poker.



The girl in the dream and I were holding hands but we never kissed or anything. Just like in real life nothing happened between us but we were together. I once said to Victoria (my former P.A. in Malta) that this girl is one of the very few girls I met in Malta that I could see myself being with. I guess the chemistry has always been good between us. Naturally it also involves a lot of speculation as I really would have no clue since we never dated.


Why London? There are several reasons. A week ago a guy asked me when I would come to London next so we could talk business. Also a dear friend of mine named Sander is moving to London to play poker for a living due to the beneficial tax situation for poker players. The girl from the dream also lives in London but I don’t think there is a connection. Or maybe she appeared for that exact reason. I don’t know.

The reason I said "Anything you have to do to live in London is a real job" is because I have a weird feeling about London. I like and I don't like it. I don't think I ever want to live there since something rubs me the wrong way in London. But who knows I hardly ever say no to a challenge. Taxes for poker players are 0% :)and I know a lot of people there so its not impossible. It just seems too big and too gray for me.


I think the girl entered my dream because most girls tend to say “poker is not a real job” and most of them do not understand what I do. The girl who appeared in my dream do understand what I do and does respect it. It is not a matter of understanding poker but a matter of understanding me and more importantly fundamentally respecting me. When she said what she did in the dream it was to tease me more than anything not to put me down.

I think my problem with girls has been I become friends with those who are good to me and instead get attracted by girls who have tons of issues that I think I can fix. Those days are over as I am very aware of that now.

I cannot fix anybody. The fixing has to come from within and not on my watch (!) Don't waste my time playing mind games. If I wanted to play mind games I would sign up for a reality show!



Basically my life got described in a minute by my sub-conscience but I managed to put the pieces together. I guess the 3 biggest things going on in my life now is: Being a Poker Pro, Moving back to Denmark & My relationship status.

The Masculine side. The Airport (I have lived in transit since 2004). The Feminine side. What I got, where I am going and what I desire.

Thanks for listening.