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Motivation Video : Fighting Cancer for 8 Years

Inspired by a YouTube video and the book by Dick Tracy “Goals” I wrote my goals for 2013 in honor to my dad Paul Smith who have been fighting cancer since 2004-2005, yet he never complains about it.

Help Me Fight Cancer

I am feeling sad because today my sister’s best friend passed away. I admired her courage and she was an inspiration to my last blog Fighting Cancer.  She died at the age of 27. It makes me cry thinking about it... I want to help science and make a difference to all the people out there in a similar situation.

Fighting Cancer

Everytime I am in Vegas I am reminded of cancer and going through an emotional rollercoaster ride. This time around I handled myself well, had fun and haven't had any downswings mentally. Let me explain why I am reminded of cancer when I go here since it got nothing to do with Las Vegas really.