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June was an eventful month. It started out in Twin Peaks which was incredible, followed by eating amazing food in Seattle, then Copenhagen and ended in Odessa, Ukraine, which I have enjoyed very much! I thought I would slow down on the traveling this year but my destiny had different plans.

I have been ‘running bad’ for 3 months. My last month with winnings was in March. It started to take a tool on me at the end of June. In late May I realized I needed to actively do something to prevent myself from being result-oriented and let my results dictate my mood.

I made two spreadsheets in excel to keep track on my emotions and work ethic.

  1. Note at the end of a session whether my mood was good, unaffected or bad.
  2. How many hands I played

My target was to play 80,000 hands and see how many days I was happy and compare it with how many days I had won. I only managed to play 71,000 hands since I spend one week in the state of Washington mainly relaxing.  My ‘mood-sheet’ also revealed I only had 6 bad days despite losing 17 days.

I managed not to look at my HEM graph for a whole month. I think that was a good thing as the losing streak would have been even harder to cope with. Overall I am proud of the work I did in June but I am far from my goals.

Tasks for July

  1. I will probably start playing on an additional poker network to get more games in the mornings.
  2. I have bought Holdem Manager 2 and installed a new HUD. I think that will be a good long term investment to master to perfection.

Swings and mindset

I have probably said it before but I can’t control the variance. I can’t predict when the losing streak will end. I can however continue to work hard and see where it takes me. Quitting is not an option. Persistence is the true measure of individual character. Your persistence is the real measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed. A great quote I read today which I will live by.

I have to improve my confidence and sharpen my skills. If I manage that my bankroll can handle the swings and in my mind I will focus on the long term results.

Poker has taken me to Australia 7 weeks, Odessa 4 weeks and Seattle 1 week the past six months alone. Personally I haven’t been this happy in many years. A special thanks to my friends for making this possible. Let us see what the coming 6 months will bring.

Thanks for reading and your continued support,