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There is a well-known saying: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" hence the silence since I got back. I have however decided to post some random pictures & clips from my trip with captions and keep the more strange & outrageous Vegas tales as future bedtime stories to my grandkids. 

Today I have tried to figure out how to use MovieMaker. It is a very simple program but I have to admit I have been on life tilt several times today as suddenly all frames were changed. Later on all captions got deleted and while I thought I were finishing the video I noticed my intro was gone. I am still not sure how to use it to perfection but I hope you will enjoy the video below.

Again thanks to everyone I was hanging out with on my 8th (or so) journey to Las Vegas. It was nice to finally have a trip to Las Vegas without 'mental hangovers'. This week my parents and my dog Holger are on holiday here in Copenhagen. They are all staying at my place which is enjoyable and very relaxing.