'' South Point First Casino in Nevada to Provide Online Poker
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A few days ago the Nevada Gaming Control Board gave the South Point Hotel a gaming license. This is a really nice hotel which contains a resort and a mind-blowing casino. This indoor casino is the first one to be able to provide online poker to the public in the United States.

Many individuals in Nevada have heard about this interactive poker and are really excited about the decision. On August 23 the Nevada Gaming Commission will meet and be given a gaming license so that they can operate their business and even manufacture their own games. This will lead to a lot of revenue and make online poker a hit among all those online gamers.

When it comes to playing online poker in Nevada that is not the only thing that South Point offers. They have their own business platform and give the public play-money poker through ZEN Entertainment Network. This new software that they have created will begin go live to the public early this fall. They have done many tests to see the effectiveness of the product so that there are so glitches or mistakes when the public actually plays.

The mistakes that they have found have been fixed and now the second part of the testing is supposed to begin near the end of this month. If everything goes accordingly then this online software will be shown to the Control board and they will decide if it is capable of being approved early this fall.

When the Board signs the bill South Point will have to pay around $500k as a licensing fee and the Nevada online poker will become available to all the residents and tourists that want to play online poker. This will be a great thing and will help to make the economy of Nevada even more stable through the online gaming that they will be provide.

The Control Board has also talked with Monarch Casino and asked them if they need an online poker license. The owners of Monarch said that they have already created their own online software and are in search of a good software partner to conjoin with. They are really great and also have an excellent interactive gaming system planned that they are thinking about launching once they find the right partner to make a deal with. Global Cash Access Holding Inc. was also recommended to get an interactive gaming license and according to many it is said that they will be the first third party processor that will take care of online poker in Nevada.

There are also three other well known companies known as Bally Technologies, International Game Technology, and Shuffle Master which have been approved and have already received an online poker license. They are all three great providers and it is said that the public will love the interactive gaming system that they each have come up with in order to make online gaming a success.

Source: Pokerfuse.com