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According to PPA, it is said that United States players should get back all their finances from Full Tilt. The Poker Players Alliance is currently working hard with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to help get back the money to the US clientele of Full Tilt Poker. This is a proposal that is put forth by PPA and follows a DOJ settlement that was put in place with PokerStars, which has plans to give back money to those that were considered “victims” of Full Tilt Poker.

This agreement said that the non-US players would be given a refund of the total amount that they spent on the date that the poker room shut down.

When individuals here this news they may get excited because the odds are that they spent a lot of money that day and are worried if they will ever get it returned. According to a report by a journalist named Nathan Vardi he said that the Department of Justice for some reason may not pay the US players the full amount of money that they owe.

Poker is not a favorable game by the government and those lawyers that run the government do not think that the DOJ would actually allow payment of funds that are acquired in online poker. The PPA does not want to take any risks and this is why they have sent a letter to the DOJ’s Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section in which they are trying to help develop a friendly process of facing reduction.

The PPA also gave some advice on how DOJ can calculate the money that they owe to the players. The DOJ is going to consider using their advice to some extent and work with the players that the money needs to get to. They may even consider doing negotiations with the online poker players and will consider if the US players deserve to get their funds back.

The PPA has called to attention that the agreement was created to make sure that the DOJ had enough funds so that they can pay back the required sum of money to the United States online poker players. PokerStars was told to repay all the United States players after Black Friday, and according to the DOJ the non-US players were also supposed to be paid the full amount.

PPA presented that the US players should be paid full because that would be unfair for them. Those individuals that have accounts in the United States have not been able to get money in their accounts since April 15 of this year, which was also Black Friday. On this day many charges were set up against the largest online poker rooms which were not sealed and domain named were also taken over. This was the reason that online poker had to stop providing their services to the United State poker players.

Source: Pokerfuse.com