'' Nevada Regulators Investigating Sands Bribery Charges
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The Nevada gaming supervisors are speculating if Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sand Corp is responsible for breaking the law. It has been reported that they have been bribed through their business in Asian gambling Mecca of Macau.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board revealed two sources that seemed to be well knowledgeable about the matter. They were the United States Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission. These two sources confirmed in their March report that they knew about the matter which surfaced to the public on July 13, 2012.

It has been reported that LVSC sent documents that were connected to an unjust case to the United States from Macau. This issue is currently under a lot of investigation by the Macau police and law enforcement officials. This matter included claims that were connected to solicitation of prostitution on Sands Macau land.

Steve Jacobs who is the former CEO of Sands China Ltd has been reported to be quite helpful to United States officials and has said to help out in the investigation process. According to the Reuters it has been revealed that Jacobs claims that he was dismissed after disagreeing with Adelson over “Adelson’s illegal demands” On the very top of the conflict was if to hire Macao official as a local legal counsel member. Jacobs responded to this by saying that this increased the possibility of breaking United States anti-corruption laws. Sands has continually been denying the fact that he has been taking part in illegal activity from the start. Adelson is firing back by saying "none of what he says is true and he can't prove it."

Adelson is known to be one of the principal contributors in the Republican Party. An MSNBC contributor by the name of Rachel Maddow has shown a lot of concern for Adelson-GOP relation and has referred to it as a “love affair”. According to Rachel, Adelson is the individual that is the reason for all the problems in Macau, and is also responsible for the huge federal investigation that has led to it.

Source: Reuters