'' Howard Lederer is Partying in Las Vegas
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Wendeen H. Eolis of the Poker Player Newspaper was the first individual to disclose that great news was ahead for those people owed money by Full Tilt Poker. She has been noted to be a great resource of the poker community and is always up to date on information.

Eolis exposed that the man behild Full Tilt Poker over the past years, Howard Lederer has been seen partying in Las Vegas after the deal was made official.

Lederer has been said to have helped go through with the deal, whereby Stars has been given permission by the United States Justice Department to get a hold of Full Tilt Poker under a condition that the customers be made whole. This may include winnings and rewards or even deposits. The United States customers will have to request their funds from the United States Justice Department.

They have already begun their search for an individual to facilitate this process through a “Help Wanted” ad that is featured on the DOJ website. Ms. Eloise informs the public that the DOJ has a lot of cash on hand that they are capable of paying back to the players, and this sum is in millions of dollars.

Lederer has been blamed by the Unit States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York for starting a highly structured ponzi scheme. Even the harshest critics of Full Tilt Poker and Lederer both have questioned if he was actually a part of the ponzi scheme. The complaint that has been filed against Lederer is civil and he is not facing any prison time for the scheme that he plotted. The FTP CEO, Raymond Bitar is facing some charging that include money laundering, accounts of bank fraud, and a life sentence.

Ms. Eolis says that family and friends of Lederer think that the bad reputation that he has gained from the poker community has been facilitated by the media.

She says:

"... Lederer’s friends complain that he has been effectively and unfairly ostracized from the poker world, and they seek to help him rehabilitate his image. They demand anonymity in this article, but they are becoming increasingly vocal in this effort. 
Lederer friends note he was the one player with an outstanding loan to FTP who made a substantial repayment without any prodding and prior to the embarrassing revelations of uncollectible player debt by Group Bernard Tapie during that company’s discussions of a possible deal to acquire FTP’s assets. Nobody, however, suggests that Lederer offered up any of his distributions to go back to FTP..."

One of the most vocal individuals of Lederer is Daniel Negreanu which is also a face of Stars, he is not actually at his defense ever since the Full Tilt Poker deal has been announced, which has been around three weeks ago.

Source: Pokerplayernewspaper.com