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Ever since PokerStars decided on an agreement with the United States Government to pay back the money owed by Full Tilt Poker, many American players have been worried whether it would actually happen.

It has been said that PokerStars will recompense the United States players out of their own pockets. Those individuals that reside in the USA will need to file claims with the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York. It has not been said for sure the US residents will get their money back; there is just some talk about it. Those individuals that have their money in these poker sites are quite stressed about the fact if they will ever gets their full funds returned.

There is a bit of good news, and it is said the United States Attorney has already started the procedure of getting a facilitator to make sure that the US clients receive around $159 million that is due to them. Those individuals at Gambling.911 have talked to a few people who are supporters of this deal and are willing to give the online poker sites a boost in the United States. They want to get players back to online poker and make them comfortable playing on these websites.

The casinos that are situated on land in the United States have years of brand consciousness on their side. The recent actions that have been put forth by the DOJ and Full Tilt’s failure to repay the players have left a bad impression on the sector that cannot easily be corrected. Full Tilt Poker has always been a well known name and is a lot more famous than the casinos in Vegas due to the great exposure that it receives from ESPN.

A San Antonio columnist named Chuck Blount has shown some confidence in the system after he has read through the settlement. He says that they players should be repaid if the industry wants to thrive to great heights. He also reveals that when PokerStars created a settlement with the United States government it contained a clause that allowed individuals to hold a gaming license if online poker became legalized at federal and state levels. PokerStars like always had a solution to the plan. When it gave back the money to the players it thrived in markets overseas, also when it gave up around half a billion dollars to the United States government it showed that they actually had some big bucks.

Money is the main force that will lead to any future decision of repayment to the players. It has been seen all around the world that poker sites are being shut down.

Source: Mysanantonio.com