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The Betsafe players now have a decision of poker rooms with the creation of Poker Black, which is a skin on the Microgaming Network. The new room that is operating is alongside the existing Ongame skin and has now dubbed Poker Red.

Both of the decisions provide common promotions: Red has a $2500 signup bonus and around forty percent off cash back. The new black has €1000 and around thirty percent cash back. Microgaming has a little bit over around half the number of cash game players then Ongame. Both of these websites have common geographical restrictions and game offerings and Microgaming boasts a fast fold poker client which is Blaze.

Ongame is owned by bwin.party and has been constantly trying to sell the network for a period of time. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future ownership that has been prompted for Betsafe to hedge their bets. The Swedish company that is known as Betsson is the owner of Betsafe and is responsible for operating a dual poker room. One poker room is on Ongame and the other one is on Entraction. Two or more poker rooms are quite common among European gaming operators such an example is Entraction/IGT and Boss Media are one common partnership.

This is not the first time the group has been overlooking to expand the poker offering beyond Ongame. Betsson was is one of the first to offer “Fast Poker” which is a fast fold-only poker games. With the introduction of Poker Black and Microgaming’s Blaze the offering has been lowered in rank to a small section on the Betsafe webpage.

Source: Pokerfuse