'' Bandidos Involved in Online Poker Hacking Scandal
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According to PokerGuruBlog.com, Marafioti has denied cheating or even putting a Trojan virus on anyone’s computer and is offering $1million to those that can prove that he did so. Later he has reported that a Trojan was found on his own computer. He agreed to his connections with Rahman and the presence of chat logs which were posted by ‘cbt5000’ which he says have been altered.

Recently reports have surfaced that Rahman may be responsible with having connections with the Swedish motorcycle gang which is known as Bandidos. Many people believe that Bandidos may have cheated money out of many Scandinavian pros that include Finland’s Patrik Antonius.

From the PokerGuruBlog.com:

"...pieces of information began to surface about Rahman. 2p2 member ‘Mr. Hickey’, citing a “reliable source,” stated that Rahman had been known to have hacked high stakes players’ computers and he owned the ‘Alladin’ account on FTP. Rahman has also been proven to be in connection with Mohammed Kowssarie, a Swedish high stakes player under the screen names ‘TerrorofSweden’ and ‘Fast_Freddy’, who has cheated in high stakes games, against Patrik Antonius and Johnny Lodden, for instance. Both Rahman and Kowssarie has ties to the Swedish motorcycle crime gang Bandidos, who have been known for cheating money out of several Scandinavian high stakes pros.

Players are, however, afraid to publish hard evidence, fearing retaliation. Previously, there had been a post concerning the scams of the gang but it got removed within minutes; it is also a well known fact that the owner of an international poker site was murdered by the Swedish Hell’s Angels gang before giving a testimony against a former business partner.

In the 2p2 thread on the current issue, Rahman came along and denied all charges. He claimed he had only met Marafioti once but they have no connection above that. Next, he requested the removal of the topic on the “scam” and the 2p2 administration closed it to begin reviewing its content. Three hours later, the topic was reopened, as many of the charges appeared to be true..."

Marafioti has gained a lot of bad press during the World Series of Poker, after he went on a rage against his ex girlfriend Lauren King via Twitter. Most of these tweets were very shocking to even post on the site. In his posts called Ms. King an ill-reputed person and accused her of cheating on him with another poker player.

Source: PokerGuruBlog.com