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About a 1,5 years ago I was hanging out at the W hotel in Hollywood with Keith Gipson, Lacey Jones, Dan Fleyshman & Victoria Moore to name a few. We were all going to the ‘Kandyland’ party at the Playboy Mansion. We were discussing online poker at the hotel while the girls were getting dressed or undressed I am tempted to say...

We all agreed online poker was getting harder but Keith calmly said “All I do is win”. I thought to myself that must be pretty nice! Later at the Playboy Mansion I realized it was naturally the theme song for Victory Poker with DJ Khaled “All I do is win” he referred to.

Why am I talking about that now? I am saying this because in January I was running super hot. I could sing to myself “All I do is win” every day as I couldn’t seem to lose until the very last day of the month where I had a small loss.

I want to thank Anders Jensen who said to me at the office “Watch as many [poker coaching] videos you can at times where you are too tired to play”. I also want to thank Evan Panesis aka MacDaddy since it was his videos that got me motivated to play and watch videos. I learned a lot from watching his videos and overall all the videos have improved my understanding of the game a lot. My game has developed more the past 3 months than the past 5 years.



  • Hours played: 133.54
  • Hands played: 54,795
  • Raid paid: $5462 according to HEM (Insane I paid 27 buyins in fees!)
  • Average session length: 7 hours
  • Average hands per session: 2884 hands
  • Profit / Loss ratio: 18/1
  • Days played: 19, Days sick: 6, Days off: 6


  • Attack more flops
  • Protect more hands on turn
  • Value bet thinner on river
  • 3bet lighter preflop
  • Limit myself to 6 tables to get a better read on my opponents and understanding of the game flow
  • Keep watching videos



The win rate in January was unreal and impossible to match in February. Working on my game is the most important aspect of my job right now. A monthly profitable income will surface if my skills improves. Keep putting in the hours and play focused. Pay no attention to the Allin EV graph.

I am currently in Australia so I will write another blog when I get the time for it. Its 29c degrees so when I am not home grinding I definately feel like being outside exploring the country.

Thanks to everyone pressing "Like" on my blog. See you soon!