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Chris Morton
Self Employed Entrepreneur
Former Affiliate Manager of Poker.com, Poker Nordica & Power Poker

Brisbane Australia, February 20

I met Chris Morton in Las Vegas at a conference in 2004. We hit it off and had fun and a couple of beers at an Irish Pub which are popular in Las Vegas. Chris was working with Kris Robinson at Poker.com a company based out of Brisbane, Australia.

Chris Morton later decided to move to London to see what the world outside Australia had to offer. In 2006 I convinced Chris to move to Malta and work for me.

We had some good years in Poker Nordica and became good friends. We later switched company together from Poker Nordica to Power Poker in the summer of 2009. I hve enjoyed working together with Chris Morton for a total of 3,5 years. We both left Power Poker in 2010.

Currently Chris Morton resides at Moffat Beach, Queensland, Australia working on his own projects.

What has been the biggest change in online poker?

Governments regulating or banning Online Poker. Gone are the wild wild west days.

Anything you miss from the past?
It was a fun and interesting industry to work in - especially the early days back in 2003.

Trip to Australia

I Visited Chris in Australia for 7 weeks in the Australian summer and work from his house. We took a weekend trip to Melboune to vist my Danish friend Sarah and check out the city incl. Crown Casino where I went to play in the Aussie Millions in 2005.

Melbourne, Australia - March 2012

Has something changed for the better?
I think the above is for the best long term in regards to players. Smaller operators may struggle to take on the bigger operators if not already.

What do you expect will happen in online poker the coming years?
More mergers and take overs. There might only be a big 3 or 4 rooms. US coming back into the arena?

Any final statement you wish to ad?
Long live online poker.