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There are some awesome news for those Americans that are into betting on sports because football season is coming up soon. A very famous sport betting company known as Sportsbook.com is opening up so that American gamblers can take part in affiliate marketing campaigns that are related to the United States market.

This program is called CommissionAccount.com and is currently working on sending emails to individuals in order to encourage them to take part in important deals. Sportsbook.com is known for being the primary market which is situated in the United States. However, over the last year they have put a halt to their business transactions in the United States.

This was the email that was forwarded by CommissionAccount.com to inform the public about affiliate marketing:

“Good news, CommissionAccount and Sportsbook.com are open to accept US traffic again. Please reactivate your campaigns where possible. Football creative will be updated for the new season within the next 2 weeks. If there are any specific creative requirements please let me know. Looking forward to a successful football season

In around two weeks we will see a change in the plan that was created for the betting on sports in the United States market. During many years it has been noticed by many individuals that the American’s sports betting options are always limited. The DOJ is always trying to get rid of the good operators and it is usually the worst ones that take away the players deposits. These deposits are usually stolen and hidden secretively in Halifax. With Sportsbook.com, the American sports market has been able to restore itself to its reputation. Now the American sports bettors have the option to make large bets on football games that will be played during the NFL season.

There is still the question of why Sportsbook.com is still using the same domain name. By using the .com domain name the individual is directed to sportsbook.ag. If they continue to keep it like this, then the United States Government will have to close it down. This is very attractive name and goes quite well with gambling, and this is the reason that it has been able to gain a lot of traffic. Many individuals just go to Google and type in the keyword Sportsbook and are easily directed to the page. If they change their settings, then they will lose a lot of public and their business is likely to go down.

There is an advantage of using SEO methods to get traffic to go to Sportsbook.com and increase marketing, but in the future it may face a lot of problems. The operators of Sportsbook.com refuse to change the domain name and is taking quite a risk by continuing to use the .com domain name and has the threat of going through many serious legal processes.


Source: Calvinayre.com