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After three weeks of being uncertain, Moore Games has begun the process of paying back the players funds. Moore CEO Samir Mujagic told Pokerfuse, “We have started to pay out players already.”

“Last month, players at Moore Games were frustrated to find themselves suddenly locked out of the poker client and unable to withdraw their funds. The poker room had been suspended by Playtech, operator of the iPoker network on which Moore Games resides, for an unspecified “breach of network policy.”

According to Moore Games, the poker room did not get any notice before the suspension or was given information about the reason: a violation of the terms of its contract with Playtech. Since then Moore Games has kept hold of a US attorney to help them in solving the matter.

After the suspension of the website there have been claims by Moore Games that Playtech has held the players funds and was quickly denied by Playtech leaving them in a perplexed situation which made the players quite angry.

The confusion is over who holds what funds and a stems from the way cash flows between iPoker and the website skins. Moore’s Finance Manager who is Erik Reinfeldt has explained to Pokerfuse that Moore Games is responsible for the player’s net wins and losses on a day to day basis. The funds that are lost are transferred to other skins on the network through Playtech on a monthly basis. If an individual player on Moore Games wins money from an individual player on a different skin the funds are not transferred until the beginning of the next month. When Moore Games said that Playtech had the player’s money they were referring to the net winnings of the players, which Playtech has gotten from other skins but has yet to remit to Moore.

Playtech does not hold the player’s deposits but it does hold the net sums that are transferred between the skins monthly. It was this month that Moore Games says that the rebalance was withheld by the network operator. Moore Games says that the money deposited with them is kept in a separate account and is not used for any operational costs. If a player cashes out during the month then that money is paid by Moore Games from the account that contains the player’s deposits. The poker accounts are strictly kept separate from the sports betting and casino accounts.

Moore Games has said that Playtech has now released a portion of the money that they have owed to Moore Games. This has enabled them to resume their business and allow the players to cash out. There have been some players that have not been able to withdraw their pending funds because additional verification is required by Playtech.

Source: Pokerfuse