'' Former Full Tilt PR Director Claims Innocence
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This Sunday Poker News released a report from the Full Tilt Consulting Head Michele Clayborne, who is also the Head of Public Relations. Many people who were in the poker community believed that she was FTPDoug. Individuals did not know that she was a one-woman PR department who ran the Full Tilt brand.

She is the lady who is responsible for spreading news about this brand all over the world, distributing press releases, organizing interviews, answering the public, and many other tasks.

A few days ago information has been leaked that Shyam Markus is the man that is working under the name FTPDoug, not Michele Clayborne. In a statement to PokerNews Clayborne said:

"The revelation of the true identity of FTPDoug was long overdue. Until this announcement, I too was not aware of this person's identity, although I asked for clarification on numerous occasions due to the fact that some unreliable and misleading poker press deemed FTPDoug to be me with 100 percent certainty."

Shyam Markus has been working on the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker which is expected to happen in November. It has been released that individuals that reside outside the United States will get all their Full Tilt funds from PokerStars. In order to get all their money back the customers will have to proceed with a claim to the Department of Justice. It has not been agreed if the US players will get their full balance yet.

Michele Clayborne has said to the public that she did not have any information about the private workings of Full Tilt. Clayborne says:

"I was also not informed about any of the intricate details of the financial inner workings of the FTP organization, nor should I have been. I was not an employee of the company, nor is investor relations, finances, or accounting my area of expertise."

Clayborne has informed the public that she has always remained loyal to her clients and has never made bad complements, even though she has constantly been targeted with untrue sayings that were effecting her reputation. Clayborne has constantly been trying to explain that she would never take part in anything that would mislead the public. She also says that all the PR statements that have been presented were under her own name and they were all accepted by FTP.

Clayborne has also referred to the downfall of Full Tilt as a “complicated crisis situation” she has even backfired some comments at those that tried to prove that she was FTPDoug.PokerStars has told Shyam to reveal his true identity and start posting under his own name. He has even revealed to the public that he has been working for this company since 2005 and that he is responsible for all the comments. In the end he has appoligized and said:  

 "It was devastating when I eventually found out that the company didn't have the funds to cover player balances and I'm truly sorry for anything I posted that turned out to not be true."

Source: Pocketfives.com